My Final Seeking Seven Sunday #S7S (My 67th Blog Post Apparently!)

1. I really appreciated the opportunity to share the ideas that we had four our final makes on Wednesday night and to hear some make that were already completed. I thought that incorporating YPAR – Youth Participartory Action Research – into Lizzy’s Final Make was a great way to delve more deeply into the participatory culture aspect of connected learning. It got me thinking about our many discussions about participatory culture and how educators can play an important role in transforming young peoples’ attitudes towards technology. We can work to create hands-on, maker inspired assignments and projects that prove to young people that they do no have to be idle bystanders and consumers of technology but that they can instead be active participants in the thriving maker community of learners!

2. As a future secondary social studies teacher (fingers-crossed) I think it would be awesome to assign a YPAR themed project to my students, much like Lizzy’s final make (which can be found here! I think that giving students a chance to follow a passion, have their voices be heard, and see a final product is so rewarding and motivating for students. I also thought it was great to see how Lizzy incorporated a Google Docs chat session into her YPAR project…this brought back both good and bad memories for me. Good, in that it exposed me to a new form of collaborative technology that I was unfamiliar with and bad in that the chat progressed to quickly and in so many different directions that it was almost impossible to keep up! Much like our dreaded (at least in my opinion) Twitter chat.

3. I was thinking a lot last week and at the start of this week about the forum for my online class blog. I knew that I wanted to create a blog designed for the 5th grade special education students I work with, but I wanted a site with more structure than Tumblr or WordPress or the laundry list of other blogging sites has to offer. Edmodo was the perfect fit in that it is designed with educators in minds and features a number of resources that facilitate assignment completion, group collaboration and discussion, as well as giving quizzes and tests online.

4. I was also so happy to see that the badge maker movement – something I thought was pretty much contained to the P2PU and Mozilla communities had made its way on to Edmodo. This was definitely the deciding factor as to why I finally chose Edmodo for my final make. It is great and so convenient that it provides a space for students to design a title, criteria, and design for their badges without ever having to log out of their Edmodo account.

To take a look at my Edmodo account and some of the badges that I created simply go to, enter the group code uy7gxe and enter your first and last name, as well as a username and a password. It’s that simple to join!

5. I also liked the idea of creating a Titan Pad blog chat. It reminded me of a conversation on a Google Doc. I had some trouble assigning myself a color to write with and getting acquainted with this new forum but its is definitely another means of collaboration that I will add to me ever-lengthening list!

6. I have been meaning to write a post about “Is Play the Work of Children?” and even have a rough draft written! Even though the semester is officially over I am determined to get this post completed! It was very interesting to read how kindergarten skills, while so fundamental for all of us, are often thrown by the wayside as students get older.

7. Lastly, I wanted to end my final seek with a bit of a regret. I have enjoyed blogging and posting each week, but I wish that I would have commented more on other’s posts. While I took the time to read and admire the work of my classmates, I wish I would have taken my own advice from the start of the semester to put more time and energy into communicating with my fellow classmates!


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