My Pop-Up Make of the Week

For this week’s pop-up make, I decided to use a really awesome comic strip website called, which I stumbled upon while visiting the #popupschool Magazine which can be found at under the Pop Up School Toolbox. The website describes itself as an:

online magazine… created by a group of young people and their teachers from six schools in London UK and Oklahoma USA. It describes our experience of the OklahomaCreativity World Forum (Nov 15-17, Oklahoma City USA). We like to think of it as a Pop Up School. We are all passionately interested in helping to promote creative learning in our own schools and beyond.

I decided to create a comic strip designed around the book, Hatchet,” by Gary Paulsen, which is included in the 6th grade curriculum at my school as a part of a rotating Book Club. Students are required to take on a the role of the “Super Summarizer” for the book they are assigned and must describe the characters, setting, important events, problem, and ending/solution of their book to the class.

Instead of simply writing this information in paragraph form as is usually required, why not create “Pop-Up Comic Books?” Once a student has created a Pixton account, which is free for a Basic subscription, they are able to collect each other comic strips, leave comments, download the comic strips for future reference, as well as utilize features very similar to the “Like” button on Facebook. You can choose whether a comic strip was creative, funny, artistic or any combination of these.

I like the idea of each Book Club group creating a unique comic strip and then having the rest of the class view a “pop-up” version of the comic strip using the mobile laptop cart. This way, students can comment on comic strips in real time, provide suggestions to the group, and most importantly, have access an auditory learning experience (via group presentation), visual learning experience (via comic strips graphics) as well as a kinesthetic learning experience (through typing comments and providing feedback online). In this way, this “Pop-Up Book Club,” while being simultaneously fun and creative, reaches a wide variety of learners and learning modalities – a great way of incorporating differentiated instruction into your classroom.

Take a look at my “Pop-Up” Book Club comic strip!



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